REflect, REnew, REjoice



CTS @ 40

Schedule of Events

June 28 - Annual Congregational Meeting

July 8, 15, 22, 29 - Congregational Church Camp

August 9 - Former CTS Pastor, Al Rider preaching

August 23 - Salon Sunday Delegate Ken Plum speaking

September 13 - Rally Day

October 25 - Reformation Sunday

November 1 - Service with Rev. Dr. Gordon Lathrop Guest Preacher, Catered Luncheon to follow at Reston Community Center with Rev. Dr. Scott Gustafson speaking

List of Projects

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What is RE?

On November 1st, All Saints Day, we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the chartering of our congregation. We will also celebrate the 30th anniversary of the building in which we worship.

Throughout this year you will be hearing many words which begin with "RE." REflect. REnew. REjoice. You will be able to add many more RE words. You will hear RE words in our prayers. You will see RE words on banners and posters. You will hearing people talk about RE plans.

One of the most significant RE words you will encounter this year is REfurbish. Our worship center is showing signs of age. Windows and doors and chairs need to be REplaced. Floors need to be REsurfaced. Walls need to be REpainted. The kitchen needs to be REmodeled. We have a huge list of things which need to be REpaired. Our entire use of space needs to be REthought.

We would like to tap into your REsourcefulness. This spring you will be invited to attend a cottage meeting to hear and discuss our plans. We are inviting you to REview our plans and to REturn your own thoughts and ideas at our cottage meetings.

Most of all, we invite you to REjoice that we have this opportunity to celebrate a big anniversary in a big way. There will be many celebrations throughout this year. We hope that you will REturn again and again as we REflect on the 40 wonderful years the Lord has given us together.